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Juli Dearrington - Ranch Manager
Angie Squyres - Trail Boss
John Dearrington - Ranch Foreman

Scot Brinkley - Wrangler
Don Nelson - Trail Blazer
Don Manning - Trail Blazer
Momz Brinkley - Cookie


Juli Dearrington Bio - View More - View Less
Juli's Bio Photo Hi, my name is Juli Dearrington.... and I have an addiction. I am addicted to horses. I know what you're thinking... it's just one of those “little girl” fascinations. For as long as I can remember, though, I've wanted a horse. My father was a farm and ranch foreman down in south Texas near the Mexico border when I was growing up. He worked for a man who ran cattle and horses on a huge ranch. I loved going to the ranch and “just being” there... being a part of everything that “was” the ranch. The images, the smells, the sounds. Since we lived in the city, I didn't own my first horse until I was 10... and that's only because we moved overseas to a very remote village in Indonesia where we were the first white skinned people the villagers had ever seen. That is a long story in itself, but suffice it to say, I had my horse! His name was Thunder and he was mine! Since the Indonesians used horses as pack animals rather than for pleasure we had to look to Texas to get a western saddle and bridle for me to use on Thunder. I'll never forget the first time I tacked Thunder up (keep in mind that he was probably no more than 13 hands high). I threw that western saddle on Thunder's back, climbed aboard and proceeded to have the wildest ride I've ever had, to date (knock on wood). Thunder threw me and I landed on my chin in the gravel... BUT, that was the last time he ever did! I wiped the tears from my eyes, gave him a very stern talking to and climbed back on. We became the best of friends from that moment on, riding the open fields, streams, hills and valleys of a small village in Indonesia. A girl and her horse.

That relationship with Thunder ignited something in me that would become an even more powerful and deeper relationship with horses than I ever imagined possible. I had no idea that I would come to depend upon a horse as much as, if not more, than a horse would depend upon me for love, trust, strength and support.

Life took me in a direction that didn't involve horses for the next 14 years. I found my way back, though. Following in my Daddy's footsteps, I became the live-on-site Farm & Ranch Manager for the Old Glory Ranch that had thoroughbred and miniature donkey breeding operations. There were also riding school horses and several horses that we boarded, as well. I was in my element and happy! During that time I also worked as a trainer for the Flying J Ranch. There was a riding school program, trail riding program, a bunch of boarders and a show horse program. I trained, showed and trailered horses for her all throughout central Texas. Again, due to unforeseen events, my life became devoid of horses for the next 15 years.

Today I am blessed and honored to share my love of horses with my sister, Angie Squyres. I am the youngest of six with Angie being the oldest. We've felt for a very long time that we were twins, separated at birth by 20 years. We are as close as two sisters, two friends could be... and we share a deep love of horses.

Angie and I, with the help of our amazing family, have decided to put our passion for horses to work. So we're giving back to the equine population by setting up a place for rescue and rehabilitation... Misfit Ranch Equine Rescue. In 2013, approximately 150,000 horses in the U.S. were sent to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered for human consumption. Stop and think about that for just a second. Breaks your heart, doesn't it? Just like cats and dogs, for whatever reason there are unwanted horses that come in all shapes, sizes, colors, personalities and ages. We formed Misfit Ranch Equine Rescue because, though we can't save them all, every one that we save is one that is not lost. And I know they are grateful.

Angie Squyres Bio - View More - View Less
Angie's Bio Photo Once there were two little girls who grew up each dreaming of owning a horse. One was 17 years older than the other but they were bound by blood and by their common love ... horses. The years came and went and they became very close in heart and in spirit and realized they were not only sisters ... they were soul sisters. The sisters found that they often say the same thing at the same time and often finish each other sentences ... they share a very special bond.

One day the older sister was asked what she would do with her time when she retired. She thought and she thought until her brain was sore and she finally decided that since she had worked with people for so many years she would like to volunteer to work with horses for a change. Since the younger sister, we'll call her 'Jules', had worked around horses for many years the older sister, we'll call her 'Angie', said “Hmmm ... I'll just ask Jules.” And she did. Jules knew of a couple of horse rescue places and shared the information with Angie and said that she had been thinking of volunteering, too, because she was her happiest when she was working around horses. So, the soul sisters called to volunteer and they waited ... and waited ... and waited ... but no returned call came.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... Jules had been following some Facebook postings about abused and neglected horses that were being shipped to Mexico and over seas to be slaughtered for dog food. She was shocked to find that this happens all the time so she had begun to work with the horse community to try to save the horses. One day Jules called Angie and said “would you be interested in going in with me to adopt a horse? He only has 2 hours before he will be put on the trailer to ship to Mexico for slaughter.” Well, after Angie picked her heart up off the ground she said an immediate “HECK YES! (well that's not exactly what she said but it's close). What do I need to do?” And so the rescue began.

In the slaughter pen the horse had been named Z Black for identification purposes and his 'bail' was posted at $850. That's how much it would take to save his life. All across the Facebook rescue pages a plea went out asking people to contribute to the bail. With very little time left all but $250 of his bail had been raised. So, these two soul sisters who share an amazing love of horses each paid $125 and became the proud owners of a most wonderful animal. And they immediately changed his name to Guinness.

With only a little time to think Jules began to network with her equine community and found someone who would pick Guinness up in Oklahoma and deliver him to Arlington, TX for FREE!!! Shouts of thanksgiving to God went up from the sisters. Another of Jules' contacts near Arlington, Tracy Stearns, offered to board and feed their new boy for a month for only $75 ... THANK YOU JESUS! As it turned out, Tracy knew a man who would deliver Guinness to the Dearrington ranch ... wait for it ... wait ... FREE!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!

Just knowing that Guinness was in Arlington and that it's not that far away was too much for the sisters. Soooo during the week of Thanksgiving they piled their Queen Mom into the car and started down the road to Arlington. Another sister, we'll call her Robin, happens to live 20 minutes away from where Guinness was being boarded. Isn't it neat how God worked that out? On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we loaded Queen Mom, the sane sister and the 2 giddy sisters into the car and headed out to see Guinness. Well ... what can I say? He was just so wonderful, so awesome, so magnificent! He is a thoroughbred and stands 17 hands tall. (A hand is 4”). He's a very tall fella. And, very very black. He was beaten down and malnourished. We can't imagine what kind of people abuse these beautiful creatures of God. Well ... we loved on him and brushed him and talked to him and and and ... mostly we spoiled him. We took him an apple and a pear ... silly horse only likes carrots and granola bars. HA So, we gave them to the other horses who appreciated them greatly. After some time spent there we left and did what any new pet owner does ... we went shopping! We found a great feed store where we found the perfect coat to protect him from the freezing weather. Any woman knows shopping works up an appetite so off to La Madelines we went for yummy soup and quiche. After a quick stop at the house to chill for a bit it was back in the car and off to try on Guinness' new coat. Of course he looked maaavelous in it. Jules put him on a long rope and took him to a round pen where she put him through his paces to see what he looked like when he ran ... proud is the word that comes to mind. Time slipped away so quickly and it was time to go but we left knowing we would see him again when our boy comes home for good on December 19th. At 3:00 the next morning we said our goodbyes to sweet Rob and down the road we went ... headed home. Our driver (known as Ledfoot Jules) got us home from Arlington in just over 3 hours. The woman tore up the road!

Everything was progressing according to plan ... then one day I got a text from Jules that said “check the Facebook post I just tagged you on.” I did and there staring back at me was a precious black and white paint horse with only a few hours left to be rescued. We immediately started working to figure out if we could save him. Feeding 1 horse was doable but 2 horses?????? We just asked God to let us have him if we were meant to have him ... He did and we do. Briley is the name we've given to this sweet boy ... oh wait ... that's right ... they posted him as a boy and we rescued him as a boy but then they called to say there was a problem ... he's a she. Yea!!!!!!!!!! They asked if that was a problem and do we still want her and we said “WHAT?” “DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK?” “YES, WE WANT HER!” Well, now you know Jules has already got pink plans for her and the little grandbabies growing up riding her. We're told she's very gentle and good with children. That's perfect. Thank you Jesus!

Thousands of horses are shipped each week to be slaughtered ... even the babies and pregnant mares. We look at their faces and our hearts just break for them knowing that if they only had someone who would give them a good home they could be saved. We know we can't rescue them all but our plan and our hope is that we can eventually offer a temporary refuge for horses that have been rescued but don't have homes yet. That's in the future and we're trusting God to provided the funds and connections we will need to be able to do that. Meanwhile, we've begun to save some ... and that's a start. So, we'll just love on these beautiful gifts from God and show them more kindness and care than they've ever received.

It's taken over 62 years but this little girl finally got her horse. We are truly thankful and blessed.

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